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Nov 8, 2021

Donating money and volunteering at nonprofits or your favorite charity are wonderful ways to give back to your community, especially during the holiday season. But combining your passions, professional expertise and education? That is paws-atively extraordinary.  


Through her experiences at the Fox School, Sarah Bergstein got to do all of that and help animals in need at Morris Animal Refuge in the process. After adopting two rescue cats, Bergstein wanted to do more—so she decided to use her unique work experience in the U.S. Air Force and education to approach volunteering through a business lens with Fox Board Fellows. 


In this episode of Catalyst, Bergstein takes us through her journey of leveraging the community engagement experience she gained as a public affairs officer to help her during her MBA program and eventually as a member of the board at her favorite nonprofit. She will offer tips on how anyone can get involved and start creating real change in their communities.


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